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Why do we give Home Learning?

We believe it is an essential part of the school curriculum and it is given for many reasons. Research shows that students who spend time learning at home get better exam results.

It teaches self-discipline, creates good study habits early on in the pupil’s academic career, and is a a way of testing the pupil’s comprehension of subjects studied during the school day.

We place a high value on the contribution made by home learning to our pupils’ education. Parental support in ensuring that time and facilities for study are essential. Pupils are given a Home Learning Diary, which they are expected to complete on a daily basis. Parents are requested to sign their child’s diary each week.

Home Learning Advice

Pupils MUST record all their home learning in the Home Learning Diary. If they are set other types of Home Learning such as research, reading, learning, homework 230thinking, making or collecting, they must still record it. They will be set home learning that allows them to complete it on the day the subject appears on their home learning timetable.

Pupils should always do their home learning to the best possible standard. Make sure they have a quiet place to complete their home learning. Parents are encouraged to check the home learning and that their child is doing it to a good standard.

If pupils have difficulties with their home learning, they should talk to their teacher or ask their parent/carer to write a note in the Diary. Above all, pupils should not avoid home learning or try to deceive their teacher as this will only waste time and cause trouble for them.

A parent / carer should sign the Diary at the end of the week to show that they have checked the homework for that week.

Pupils should also read for at least twenty minutes each day.

It is important for your child to become accustomed to learning at home every night. Pupils in Key Stage 3 are expected to up to twenty minutes for three subjects each night – up to one hour. Pupils in Key Stage 4 are expected to do up to two hours home learning each night.

In the event of home learning not filling the time allocated, your child should spend his/her time doing some of the following activities.

Read a Welsh / English book

Revise work

Update home learning diary

Research work for project e.g. on the internet or the library Prepare for classwork

If you become aware of any problems your child is experiencing with the home learning set, please do not hesitate to contact school to discuss the matter.

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